Andy Reid’s possible retirement: Mahomes and Kelce at a crossroads with the Chiefs

Travis Kelce won't play in Week 18 after all, Chiefs decide to rest him before playoffs


As the NFL regular season draws to a close, the league is buzzing with rumors surrounding the potential retirement of Kansas City Chiefs head coach Andy Reid.


Patrick Mahomes and the Chiefs touch down in Los Angeles - where Taylor Swift enjoyed a girls' night out with Brittany Mahomes -

With the Chiefs facing a challenging and frustrating season, speculation is growing about whether Sunday’s game against the Chargers will mark the last regular season game in Reid’s illustrious coaching career. Andy Reid’s retirement rumors are not new
Pro Football Talk’s Mike Florio has fueled the speculation, suggesting that the retirement talk surrounding Reid might not be just idle gossip.

The question of Reid’s retirement arose even before Super Bowl LVII, where he dismissed it, telling Peter King that retirement was not on his immediate horizon. However, as the Chiefs struggled through a trying season, the question has resurfaced, and this time, it seems more pertinent. At 66, Reid is approaching a significant age milestone, and it’s only natural for fans and pundits to wonder if he’ll return for another year.

The absence of any public statements from Reid has only intensified the speculation. The possibility that he has already decided, waiting for the season’s outcome to make it official, looms large. Owner Clark Hunt expressed his confidence in Reid’s continued tenure back in July, stating that retirement hadn’t been a topic of discussion. “As I see Andy, he remains incredibly energized and excited. He’s all about the Kansas City Chiefs and trying to get us back to the playoffs and win another Super Bowl. I think he has as much energy and passion as I’ve seen in the past 10-plus years that he’s been with us,” Hunt commented.


Travis Kelce and the Chiefs touch down in Los Angeles - where Taylor Swift enjoyed a girls' night out with Brittany Mahomes - ahead of NFL season finale against the Chargers... but will the tight end play?

As the 2023 season unfolded, the narrative has shifted, and the possibility of Reid stepping away from coaching is becoming more tangible. Chief’s 2023 didn’t go according to plan
With six losses in their record coming into Week 18, it’s safe to say that the Chiefs’ regular season has been far from smooth sailing. Despite an eighth consecutive AFC West title, the team’s performance has left many questioning their status as top contenders.

The Chiefs’ offense has been exposed on too many occasions for them to be AFC favorites in the playoffs considering The Ravens and the Dolphins’ stellar seasons. Their struggles on the field and their inability to perform to previous standards have even flared public displays of frustrations on the sideline and at the podium in post-game conferences. Both Andy Reid and star quarterback Patrick Mahomes found themselves in hot water with the NFL in December, receiving hefty fines for criticizing officials after a disappointing loss to the Buffalo Bills.

To complicate things, Travis Kelce’s new-found stardom beyond football due to his romantic link with Taylor Swift, has intensified his own imminent retirement rumors. Recently, Andy Reid acknowledged Kelce’s aches and pains, emphasizing the toll the game takes on players as they age. At 34 with 11 NFL seasons under his belt and with a promising professional future in Hollywood waiting for him, Kelce’s focus has shifted.