Brittany mahomes Says She Was the ‘Perfect NFL Princess’ in Public, Faced a ‘Mental Health Crisis’ in Private (Exclusive)

Brittany mahomes Says She Was the 'Perfect NFL Princess' in Public, Faced a 'Mental Health Crisis' in Private (Exclusive)


While fame and celebrity are something many of us only dream of, celebrities often remind us that their lives are not all they’re cut out to be.


Brittany Mahomes is serious about staying on top of her kids' health amid her family's busy lifestyle. "They are very attached to me,"

For Brittany Mahomes, who’s happily married to Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes, having their lives in the limelight has had its pros and cons. Most recently, however, especially given her newfound friendship with Taylor Swift, it seems like online trolls have taken a turn for the worse. Among the rude comments on Mahomes’ recent Instagram pic, for example, are people criticizing every part of the post, from where she is to her appearance. In the post, Mahomes shared a few pictures of her on the sidelines before a match. As for her look, she’s seen rocking a black leather mini-skirt, a black sweater, high matching boots, a cream-colored jacket and a bright red bag.

“Why do wives/gfs feel the need to be on the field before game?? They should ban it. No reason for it,” commented one user. “How old is she? Is she 45?” commented another. Seeing all these negative comments pile up, the mom of two decided to speak out. “Recently there has been ALOT more rude a– people on here, waaaay more then[sic] normal,” Mahomes wrote on her Instagram Story, per People.


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“I’m not sure where y’all came from, but you should probably go back to where you came from…please,” she wrote, pleading for everyone to mind their own business. .@BrittanyLynne shares adorable video of her son Bronze walking with a chic Montessori-inspired push walker. But did you notice the Target toy shopping cart in the background? — SheKnows (@SheKnows) December 19, 2023. Knowing that Mahomes uses her social media to share her life as a wife and a mom to her kids, Bronze, 1, and Sterling, 2, we can’t imagine how stressful it is to see her social media become a place for such negativity.

In fact, before posting her game-day outfit, Mahomes posted hilarious pictures of her kids posing with Santa Claus ahead of the holidays. In the pictures, the family of four is sitting right next to a jolly Saint Nicholas. Unfortunately, however, while the adults all have the same big grins on their faces, Sterling and Bronze both have sad and confused expressions on their faces. Talk about a classic parenting moment! Here’s hoping Mahomes’ trolls soon find someone else to criticize and her page goes back to celebrating her and her family’s accomplishments, milestones and occasional hilarious Christmas portrait!