Brittany Mahomes shows off the feast of food her privileged dogs eat every day

Brittany Mahomes shows off the feast of food her privileged dogs eat every day


Private dining, folded handkerchiefs and fancy food: these are a few of the luxuries that Brittany Mahomes’ dogs get to enjoy on a daily basis thanks to their loving mother and their other esteemed provider, Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes.


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Watch Brittany show off a feast for Steel and Silver Mahomes
According to Brittany, the dogs, named Steel and Silver, start every day with a bowl of food from The Farmer’s Dog, which sells human-grade dog food. Mrs. Mahomes is a partner of the company.

“Love the feeding station and dog area in your home – genius!” responded the top comment on Instagram of the dogs’ at-home dining set up, where they feast like royalty.vWhat breed of dogs does Patrick Mahomes have?
Steel is a pit bull and Silver is a cane corso, according to their joint Instagram account with over 200,000 followers that Brittany recently suggested she should post more on.

The Mahomes’ dogs and children are all named within an adorable “metal” theme. Steel and Silver are a part of the family with daughter Sterling Mahomes and son Patrick Mahomes III, who goes by Bronze.vThe Kansas City Current co-owner suggested in the caption to an Instagram video showcasing their breakfast that the pampered dogs are in denial that the holidays are over. The truth is that their lavish lifestyle probably feels like a holiday year round.