Chiefs’ Justin Reid doesn’t understand the hate for ‘very sweet’ Taylor Swift

Japanese Embassy says Taylor Swift can 'comfortably' make it to Travis Kelce's Super Bowl


The Super Bowl is getting closer and it’s no surprise Travis Kelce and Taylor Swift are two of the biggest attractions at the game this year.


Super Bowl: Strip Club Offering Travis Kelce And Taylor Swift $1 Million Package If Chiefs Win

Andrew McCarty of The Spun reported a data company’s findings on the possible impact the Red singer would have on the biggest game of the NFL season. The company’s CEO believed that the league could expect a lot of eyes watching to catch Swift and her beau on camera throughout Super Bowl LVIII.

“Based on our data cloud, we’re projecting that this will be the highest watched Super Bowl in history,” Zeta Global CEO David Steinberg reported. “You saw ratings for the NFL go up by 7% collectively the day after Taylor Swift attended her first game.”


Super Bowl: Strip Club Offering Travis Kelce And Taylor Swift $1 Million Package If Chiefs Win

It’s no secret that the mainstream interest in the NFL is driven by the superstar’s whirlwind of a love story with one of the league’s most loved figures. Kelce and Swift have merged sports and pop culture. Even the league cannot deny this appeal and always has a camera zeroed in on the Blank Space singer to catch every single moment of her enjoying the game.

Swift’s attendance at Kelce’s Chiefs games became an effortless advertisement for the league. Soon enough, Swifties began asking their football-loving loved ones about the rules of the game. Players and the media have been loving it and it has been one of the best storylines of the league. Others that have hated even include former presidential candidate who claimed that the NFL is rigged for the Chiefs and Swift, but besides for those radical conspiracies, everyone has loved Swift.