Fresh for the playoffs! Travis Kelce’s barber shares picture of the Chiefs star’s new haircut ahead of Kansas City’s wild-card game against the Miami Dolphins

Fresh for the playoffs! Travis Kelce's barber shares picture of the Chiefs star's new haircut ahead of Kansas City's wild-card game against the Miami Dolphins


Travis Kelce’s barber showed off the Kansas City Chiefs star’s fresh haircut ahead of their wild-card playoff game against the Miami Dolphins. Kelce’s barber posted a picture of the trim on Instagram along with the caption ‘Playoff Football Freshy.’


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There was also am emoji of a freezing cold smiley face that covered whatever Kelce was looking at on his cell phone. It’s not known how much Kelce’s haircut will actually be seen by cameras during the game since he will presumably have either a hat or hood on when he isn’t wearing his helmet due to the dangerously cold temperatures in Kansas City. Weather forecasts have been incredibly bleak for the game, with some predictions suggesting wind chill could be as low as -30 come game time.

Arrowhead Stadium is expected to have temperatures around -5°F at come kickoff time and may drop down to -10°F later in the evening if not lower. Fans have been allowed to bring in blankets that don’t have zippers or compartments as well as portable chargers and non-dry-cell batteries to power heated clothes. Additionally, those who wish to protect themselves from the cold seats can bring in 3ftx5ft pieces of cardboard to sit on.

It felt like -14 degrees with the wind chill around 9:00 am, per FOX 4 in Kansas City but that did not stop loads of fans from fighting through the conditions to come out and tailgate.

ESPN NFL analyst Robert Griffin III tweeted out the that Chiefs game should be postponed due to the weather much like the game between the Buffalo Bills and Pittsburgh Steelers.