“I will continue to support ‘The Eagles’ for the rest of my life, That Team made me who i am today and i will forever be loyal” Jason kelce

Jason Kelce Is an Uber Driver in Retirement, Jokes Former Teammate Beau Allen


The brothers discussed the hypothetical future scenario on the new episode of “New Heights” The City of Brotherly Love wins out for Jason Kelce over brotherhood!


Jason Kelce Is an Uber Driver in Retirement, Jokes Former Teammate Beau Allen

The newly retired NFL star may no longer be a member of the Philadelphia Eagles, but says he would root for them next season if the 2025 Super Bowl ended up being a rematch of them against his brother Travis and the Kansas City Chiefs. “I will always be an Eagle, first and foremost,” Jason, 36, said in response to the hypothetical query from a fan in the “No Dumb Questions” segment of the brothers’ New Heights podcast on Wednesday.

Jason added, “I’ll also root for Travis to have a good game because he’s my brother.” Travis, 34, seemingly responded with surprise to his older brother’s answer. “Good luck to your Eagles,” he joked. After this season’s disappointing Eagles playoff run, Jason cut a memorable figure in the stands cheering on the Chiefs in their Super Bowl bid, from his shirtless exploits in Buffalo to his overalls at the big game in Las Vegas.


Travis Kelce Shares What Jason Told Him for Motivation This Super Bowl: ‘He Fired Me Up'

Despite making his own headlines while watching from afar, Jason also had an impact on Travis’ performance. “He fired me up after that AFC Championship game, telling me to go and get it and that we’re the best in the game,” Travis told reporters in the lead-up to the Super Bowl. “Just having his support is all I need. Seeing him at the game, seeing him get excited, that’s everything.”

The two brothers made history last year when they faced off in the big game in February 2023, with the Chiefs winning 38-35 in a nail-biter. Following the game, however, Jason was sure to hug and congratulate his brother on the win. Travis was later emotional, and shared that their historic matchup conjured a “weird feeling.”

“There’s nothing you can really say to a loved one in a situation like that,” the Kansas City Chiefs tight end said while fighting back tears after the Super Bowl last year. “You joke around all the time and say you want to beat your brother on the biggest stage, but it’s a weird feeling.”

He added, “That team had great leadership, great coaches and it came down to the end,” Travis said. “We have all the respect in the world for those Eagles. There’s nothing I can say to him other than I love him and he played a hell of a year, a hell of a season.”