Jason Kelce Couldn’t Care Less About His Game-Day Outfits: ‘I Don’t Like to Play Dress-Up’

Jason Kelce Breaks His Silence On Retirement Rumors


Jason Kelce isn’t known for his stylish game-day outfits — and that’s perfectly OK. Unlike his brother, Travis Kelce, who usually rocks designer looks and fancy footwear, Jason usually arrives on game days in just flip-flops and a T-shirt.


Jason Kelce Couldn't Care Less About His Game-Day Outfits: 'I Don't Like to Play Dress-Up'

In a TikTok posted by the Philadelphia Eagles on Monday, the football center, who made headlines the next day when it was reported that he’d be retiring from the NFL, shared more about his choice of casual arrival gear. “What the f-ck do I care about a game-day ‘fit,” Jason, 36, says in the TikTok video of him arriving at a game in sweatpants, a sweatshirt and flip-flops. “This guy’s game-day ready, baby.”

“Some people go to play football and some people go to play dress-up, OK? I don’t like to play dress-up. I like to play football, alright?” he continues. A source close to PEOPLE previously said that while the Kelce brothers share a similar love for football and family, mostly everything else about them is the complete opposite — including their wardrobes.

“They’re complete, complete opposites in every facet, personality, style, clothing, physically,” a source close to the Kelce family told PEOPLE. “They’re like the odd couple.” “Jason’s a Birkenstock guy and Travis is a Jordans guy,” the insider added of the Philadelphia Eagles star and the Kansas City Chiefs tight end, who’s known for his fashion-forward looks. “But at the core of it, they have similar values.”


Jason Kelce Couldn't Care Less About His Game-Day Outfits: 'I Don't Like to Play Dress-Up'

The day after the Eagles posted the video, NFL and ESPN both reported that Jason played his final game on Monday night. Sources told ESPN that he announced to his teammates in the locker room after they lost to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, 32-9, in a wildcard playoff game that he intends to retire. While Jason declined interviews with media in the locker room — “No guys, not today,” he said — Eagles head coach Nick Sirriani didn’t shy away from talking about his affection for the player, who spent all 13 seasons of his career in Philadelphia.

“I love him,” Sirianni said, per ESPN. “He’s special and I love him. He’s one of the most special guys I’ve been around. He’s always got a place here.” As he stood on the sidelines during Monday night’s game, Jason was visibly emotional as he watched the Eagles for possibly the last time as a member of the team.