Jason Kelce Got His ‘First-Ever’ Louis Vuitton Bag from Eagles Quarterback Jalen Hurts

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Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Jalen Hurts might be the best gift giver in the NFL. Hurts, 25, got a special shout-out from his teammates Jason Kelce and Jordan Mailata after gifting them their “first-ever” Louis Vuitton duffel bags.


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Mailata, 26, sat down with the NFL brothers during a recent episode of Jason, 36, and Travis Kelce’s podcast, New Heights with Jason and Travis Kelce, presented by Wave Sports & Entertainment. During the episode, Mailata and Jason discussed their relationship with Hurts when Travis, 34, said, “I know he got Jason his first-ever Louis Vuitton duffel bag.” Jason confirmed that Hurts was the one who gifted him the duffel bag and said, “That was amazing.”

Mailata agreed and added, “Yeah, that was cool,” and added, “I’m not a big designer guy, but when we got those for Christmas, I was like, you know what…that’s not bad.” The Eagles offensive tackle said the duffel bag was “really nice,” and he would have chosen the exact make of the bag selected by Hurts if he had purchased it for himself. Travis asked Mailata what he should get for his brother that would be as well-received as Hurts’ lavish gift.

The Chiefs star asked, “Is Jason a big birthday guy in the locker room? Does he let everybody know it’s his birthday? Does he just walk in with his birthday suit on?” Mailata then poked fun at Jason’s controversial partiality to sandals, saying, “It’s not cold out yet so there’s still a couple of weeks left with the sandals,” referencing the signature slides Jason has been spotted wearing during multiple public appearances. In September, Travis called out his brother for wearing sandals to the premiere of his Amazon Prime documentary, Kelce.

“You really got dressed up,” Travis said sarcastically during a September episode of New Heights. Jason explained that his wife, Kylie Kelce, had been running late to the premiere, leaving him no time to change into a different outfit after practice. Ultimately, Jason took the blame for his fashion blunder and said Kylie “was too busy getting the entire family situated with the babysitter, and then getting herself ready, and making sure her parents were with her.” And during the recent segment with Mailata, Travis joked that he’s going to have “jeans sent to the facility” for Jason so he “never has to rely on Kylie” to bring him jeans ever again.