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Kylie Kelce Confirms She and Jason Will Cheer for Travis Again Sunday — and Shares Jason's Tailgating Regret


Plenty of people had a reaction to Jason Kelce’s appearance at the Kansas City Chiefs game, but none quite like his wife, Kylie Kelce.


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Jason and Kylie were in attendance to cheer on Travis Kelce and the Kansas City Chiefs during the playoff game on January 21, 2024. Football games are already intense with emotions and dedicated fans, but Jason took it up a notch.

Matt, a fan near the Kelce suite, revealed that from the moment the Kelce family and their crew, which included Taylor Swift, arrived, they were already high on excitement, per People. Matt noted, “Taylor’s suite was ROWDY. There was no mistaking who they were rooting for.” Even though Swift has been causing quite the commotion at Travis’ games, it was time for Jason to steal the show.

During the close game, Jason got so hyped he decided to take off his shirt, yelling for the Chiefs to win, per CNN. At one point, the Philadelphia Eagles star even jumped over the wall that separated their suite from the rest of the crowd to join the Chiefs and Buffalo Bills fans in the stands.


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Jason’s wild behavior was all anyone could talk about. But while many found Jason funny, his wife, Kylie, seemed to be annoyed by his behavior at the game.

Jason Kelce caused chaos at the Kansas City Chiefs playoff game. The football star jumped over the barrier that separated the Kelce suite and the fans in the stands not once but twice. The second time Jason jumped over, he helped a young fan trying to get Taylor Swift’s attention, per People. The gesture was sweet, but it seemed that by that time, Kylie Kelce was over her husband’s antics.

A video of the interaction between Jason and the young fan was posted to X, formerly known as Twitter. And after watching it a couple of times, fans noticed how Kylie really felt about Jason’s behavior at the game. In the video, you can see a security guard in the suite yell at Jason that Kylie wants him back inside, but she uses much harsher words. The security guard yelled, “Hey, Kylie said to get your a** back in here.” Jason took a couple more photos with fans before hopping back into the suite.