Patrick Mahomes and wife Brittany are BOOED and heckled by rival NFL fans as the Super Bowl winner and Taylor Swift’s new BFF leave a restaurant after a romantic meal in Cabo

Patrick Mahomes and Brittany have a bad time after being booed out of restaurant


Travis Kelce and Patrick Mahomes have already shown they are looking beyond their NFL careers by launching a restaurant following their Super Bowl success, but don’t expect any handouts from the Kansas City Chiefs pair.


Travis Kelce and Patrick Mahomes make tough decision that will hurt Andy Reid and Chiefs teammates

Kelce, the superstar boyfriend of Taylor Swift, is teaming up with his close friend and quarterback Mahomes to take their winning partnership into the food business. In March, they announced plans to open an American steakhouse in Kansas City with the name ‘1587 Prime’. The duo have described their venture as an “ultimate experiential dining destination”, leading to positive reactions from fans and fellow teammates

Given that it will be run by the Chiefs icons, one would assume their team-mates would be able to dine out on a large discount or even for free when they pull up to the eaterie, especially with plans to name a cheeseburger after their coach Andy Reid. But Kelce, 34, speaking to his brother Jason, 36, on the latest episode of their podcast ‘New Heights’, clarified that he wouldn’t let them dine out for free – although he did hint that he would pick up the bill for his colleagues on occasion.

“Are you guys going to be like Todd Herman and Brent Celic when they open their bar in Philly and just let the Chief players eat for free?” asked former Philadelphia Eagles center Jason, to which Travis replied: “Probably not but yeah, there’ll be times where I’ll pick up the bill guys every now and then.”


Travis Kelce and Patrick Mahomes make tough decision that will hurt Andy Reid and Chiefs teammates

Why is the restaurant called 1587 Prime?
Jason asked his brother the burning question about where the name comes from – and as it turns out, Travis’ tongue-in-cheek remark that it is just a random assortment of numbers turned out to be false.

Eagle-eyed Chiefs fans may spot the fusion of the two players’ jersey numbers – ’15’ for Mahomes and ’87’ for Kelce – to make the ‘1587’ part of the name. But despite the mention of ‘Prime’, it is wholly the property of Mahomes and Kelce and isn’t affiliated with Jake Paul and KSI’s brand or any other investor. The steakhouse is Patrick and Travis’ way of giving back to the Kansas City community by elevating the city’s dining standards, although Mahomes has suggested they could franchise the restaurant countrywide if it proves to be a hit.