Reason Meghan Markle will always have a royal title – even if she was no longer a duchess

Prince Harry, Meghan lose ‘Royal' title, They don't deserve to be seen anywhere around the palace


Meghan Markle has been advised to be “more relatable” and visit the UK amid her rebrand with Prince Harry, as the couple are said to be working hard to rebuild their popularity


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Meghan Markle has been urged to visit the United Kingdom amid her rebrand and “while she has projected a polished image”, the Duchess has been advised to be “more relatable”. The Duchess of Sussex is currently working on several projects, thought to be part of her and Prince Harry’s rebrand. Meghan is working on launching her brand, American Riviera Orchard, with the Duchess also poised to soon release a new Netflix show about cookery and gardening.

The Sussexes are very focused on developing a new PR strategy to regain their popularity, it has been claimed, with this also shown by their recent hiring of two publicists, one of whom is based in the UK.

Public relations guru, Lynn Carratt from Press Box PR told The Mirror: “To maintain their public image, it is important for Meghan to make a visit to the UK and while she has projected a polished image, she should also strive to be more open and relatable to her audiences in both the UK and the US.”


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Ms Carratt noted: “Real-life isn’t picture perfect with flowers and homemade jams and I’m sure Meghan life has it’s difficulties. Demonstrating different facets of their personalities and acknowledging past missteps is be crucial for Harry and Meghan and building bridges in with the Royal Family could help improve public opinion, especially in the UK.”

She went on to say that the career choices made by the Sussexes will also heavily influence their popularity. Ms Carratt mentioned: “It is unlikely that they will renew their deal with Netflix. Their recent dinner with Paramount’s Brian Robbins and his wife has sparked speculation about a potential new deal for them with Paramount.

“The success of the upcoming Netflix shows will be instrumental in enhancing their popularity. It’s important for them to showcase authenticity rather than striving for a picture-perfect image, as this can help people relate to them better.”


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The comments come after royal expert Duncan Larcombe claimed Meghan is stealing the show from her husband – a narrative which plays into Harry’s preference to being “second fiddle”.

He explained to OK!: “Meghan is a very strong character, very driven, extremely ambitious, and those are the kind of characteristics that mean she will almost always inevitably outshine Harry and grab the attention from him. Harry is entirely in her shadow. But he’s never really been at ease with the attention, he’s never really enjoyed it. Whether it’s deliberate or not, Meghan is definitely a magnet for attention.

“Although we saw a huge amount of money spent on her combined outfits for Nigeria so maybe it’s not a complete accident that she steals the limelight. Their Nigeria trip was ‘The Meghan Show’ and Harry was the side.”