Simone Biles Revealed She & Husband Jonathan Owens Don’t See Eye-To-Eye on This Subject

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Even couples with the strongest relationships and marriages have their disagreements. Don’t believe us? Just ask Simone Biles. The decorated Olympian opened up about the one subject she and her football star husband Jonathan Owens can’t seem to agree on — and, honestly, it makes a lot of sense.


Simone Biles Revealed She & Husband Jonathan Owens Don’t See Eye-To-Eye on This Subject

During her appearance on Peacock’s Back That Year Up hosted by Kevin Hart and Keenan Thompson, Biles opened up about the disagreement she and Owens simply can’t resolve. “Who do you think is the better athlete in the house?” Thompson asked Biles. Biles was incredibly tactful with her response.

“I think we’re good at our own sports,” she said at first. “We’ve tried to pin each other against [one another] on, like, difficulty, ability and all that stuff. So, at the end of the day, gymnastics is harder, if he agrees or not.” Since Biles didn’t offer the clearest answer (though we could definitely pick up that she feels she’s the better athlete) Thompson stepped in to offer his two cents.

“Here’s the truth,” Thompson said. “I know your name, you know what I’m saying? That’s all I’m going to say. I know your name.” Thompson said what he said, and he should say it! Biles, who married the Green Bay Packers player in April 2023 after nearly three years together, also shared this debate has been an ongoing part of their relationship.

“We fought over it a couple of times, and then we vowed once we got married, we wouldn’t talk about it again,” the seven-time Olympic medalist said. “But it keeps coming up every time, but he has done my workout in the gym and he could barely do it, and then I went to their NFL workout and I crushed it.” Well, we think that settles that.