Taylor swift looks happy being a part of the Kelce family, you can tell by the smiles on their faces

Taylor swift looks happy being a part of the Kelce family, you can tell by the smiles on their faces


On Sunday, the Kansas City Chiefs secured their spot in the 2024 Super Bowl after defeating the Baltimore Ravens, and Taylor Swift was in attendance to cheer on her boyfriend, Travis Kelce.


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While M&T Bank Stadium was packed with football-lovers, the post-game PDA-packed interaction between the tight end and pop star instantly created a ton of buzz. After the Chiefs’ big win, Taylor and the Kelce fam joined Travis on the field to celebrate. While the moment Travis pulled his mom, Donna, in for a hug after she kissed his cheek was adorable, a video of Taylor and Travis hugging and kissing is the only thing their fans can talk about.

But what does Taylor and Travis’ body language in this moment reveal about the inner workings of their relationship? Well, body language expert, Dr. Lillian Glass, analyzed the couple’s gestures during this exchange, and let’s just say, Taylor is ready for paper rings… or Super Bowl rings… or anything that means she gets to take the “guy on the Chiefs” home with her.


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“[Taylor] is the happiest she’s ever been in her life that we’ve seen her publicly,” Glass tells Women’s Health. “We’ve seen her throughout the years, and she’s never been this physically demonstrative with anybody where she’s literally thrown her whole being, her whole body on him.” She adds that Taylor seems to be the one “in charge when it comes to the physical affection.” Although the couple share loving glances, wrap their arms around each other, and exchange a few smooches, it’s Taylor proudly making the first move.

“She puts her arms around him; she grabs him. She’s the one that does the kissing first,” Glass says. “From a body language standpoint, she’s more of the driver in the relationship in terms of PDA.” afc championship kansas city chiefs v baltimore ravens Both Taylor and Travis are very smiley when they’re together, and her happiness is painted all over her face. “She smiles from ear to ear, and her eyes crinkle, the apples of her cheeks rise,” Glass says. All of these facial gestures reflect Taylor’s genuine joy in that moment. And the positive vibes don’t end with the happy couple. After seeing Taylor with her arm wrapped around Papa Kelce’s shoulder as Travis made a speech, Glass believes Taylor and Ed are “connected.”