Taylor Swift ‘resilient’ as boyfriend Travis Kelce is no longer ‘showering her with love’

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Travis Kelce seems to have stopped “showering Taylor Swift with love” after tensions rose following their first argument.


Taylor Swift Scores Icy View At Freezing Chiefs-Dolphins Playoff Game Streaming Only On Peacock

The 34-year-old NFL star is said to have “snapped” at his girlfriend after his team the Kansas City Chiefs were defeated by the Las Vegas Raiders on Christmas Day. However, that didn’t stop Taylor from supporting her boyfriend at Arrowhead Stadium on Saturday night.

The couple were seen walking hand-in-hand after the game, which saw the Chiefs claim victory over the Miami Dolphins. Body language expert Judi James said Travis has changed his “charming gentleman” persona, but suggested Taylor is still going full steam ahead with their romance.

Speaking exclusively to The Mirror, Judi said: “His ambling walk suggests either a bruising game or that he is switching up his body language with Taylor here. When they first appeared in public together he looked very much the charming gentleman, hopping around beside her, dancing attention and holding her hand up in a very gallant-looking ritual. He was also smiling a lot.


Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce hold hands leaving frigid Chiefs’ win against Dolphins

“Here though he has Taylor walking behind him slightly, towing her along via a hand clasp and glancing to the side to look at her rather than being in face-gazing mode. The hand clasp suggests if there was any row that they did make up, although there’s no compensatory rituals from Kelce to try to look as though he is showering her with love.”

Travis and Taylor are said to have rowed over Christmas, with their celebrations “ruined”. It’s said to have happened after Travis “snapped” at his girlfriend when his time lost against the Las Vegas Raiders.

Judi said Taylor seems to have moved on from the argument. She explained: “Taylor’s body language looks resilient though. She’s still dressed as his superfan and when he turns to look in her direction we can see her cheeks rounding in a smile of delight.”

Taylor looked very stylish as she wore a custom Chiefs jacket which had Travis’ number across the front, arms and back. Travis opted for a checked jacket which he wore over a black T-shirt and matching trousers. He also sported a pair of black sunglasses as they left the stadium. Judi commented: “With his large shades and his designer jacket, Kelce is looking very much the big star here and, sadly, his facial expression looks pretty much as grim as it did in the earlier poses when there were rumours of a row.”