Taylor Swift reveals Real reason why she awkwardly ‘snubbed’ Celine Dion at 2024 Grammy Awards “It was not Unintentional, i am so sorry”

Taylor Swift reveals Real reason why she awkwardly 'snubbed' Celine Dion at 2024 Grammy Awards


Taylor Swift might have collected her latest accolade by winning the Grammy award for the best album of the year in 2024 (Midnights) but she has to defend herself from criticism once again after fans call her out for ignoring Celine Dion on stage as she received the award.


Taylor swift Reactions after she won album of the year at the Grammy award Yesterday

The iconic My Heart Will Go On singer has been battling stiff person syndrome, a rare neurological disorder that progressively affects motor functions and has affected her ability to sing and perform. It will not get better. But Swift didn’t pay much attention to her as she took the trophy out of her hands just moments after hugging Jack Antonoff and her friend Lana Del Rey, despite Dion making a surprise guest appearance on Sunday, February 4. “I’m not listening to any excuses,” Kalen Ellen, formerly of the Ellen DeGeneres Show, said. “Especially after we watched how Miley [Cyrus] acted with Mariah [Carey] at the show’s start.

“This was not [Swift’s] first time at the #GRAMMYs but her fourth time winning this award. “Swifties can dox me or whatever, but considering the significance of Celine coming to do this moment, to run around that stage hugging and carrying on and ultimately act as if this artist who has paved the way is not standing there is insane.”


Fans call out Taylor Swift for blanking the legendary Celine Dion on stage at the 2024 Grammys

Adding fuel to the fire is that it is Dion’s first big public appearance since she revealed she is battling the degenerative disorder, but many still feel Swift was far too concerned with the hunk of metal. For what it’s worth, the pair did meet up back stage and they did hug, smile and share a photo so Swift might have realized how she came across afterwards and hoped to make amends. Fans react
Swift has regularly been criticised for possessing a very carefully constructed public image over the years in order to maximize her marketing power in the United States and across the globe by remaining controversy-free.

But after seemingly failing to acknowledge a peer with the legacy of Dion, fans took to social media to slam her, leaving some wondering if her possible mask had slipped. One user wrote on X.com, formerly Twitter, “Taylor Swift fully ignoring Celine Dion like the disrespect even Celine was like… que?”

Whilst a second added, “Taylor Swift just took the album of the year trophy from Celine Dion without batting an eye and/or acknowledging that a legendary [GOAT] was handing her the award. So cringey for my soul.” A third commented, “Taylor Swift will never EVER live down ignoring Celine Dion at the Grammys.” And a fourth colorfully said, “Taylor Swift didn’t deserve AOTY and F**K HER for ignoring Celine Dion on stage.”