Taylor Swift says Brittany mahomes is one of the most supportive Friend she has ever had as she reveals proves

Taylor Swift swoops in for epic swag surf with Travis Kelce's mom in viral Chiefs game moment


Brittany Mahomes, Taylor Swift, and Donna Kelce showed up to support the >Kansas City Chiefs against the Miami Dolphins at Arrowhead Stadium.


 Taylor Swift & Brittany Mahomes "Twinning & Winning" at Chiefs Game

However, the cold has taken a toll not only on players and coaches but also on the celebrities at the VIP with the windows to the game completely covered in frostbite preventing the viewers to watch the game. Taylor Swift cozied up to Brittany Mahomes during the game. The combination of heat and frostbite clouded the famous section of the field where Taylor Swift and Brittany Mahomes have been famously photographed.

Fortunately, there were people there to help them, and began scratching away the ice and trying to defog the window with some rags and whatever was necessary. Andy Reid was also suffering from the cold as his famous handlebar showed how cold it was when Cameras panned to Chiefs head coach Andy Reid in the first quarter and viewers lauged when they saw Reid’s mustache being subjected to frostbite.

Although It’s not quite the blizzard storm the Buffalo Bills are dealing with, but the game between the Kansas City Chiefs and Miami Dolphins isn’t far behind. Dolphins fan goes shirtless in sub-zero weather. Snowfall has been falling on-off but the temperature has reached sub-zero degrees, and everyone is extremely cold at the stadium, however, there others that did not care about the cold and went shirtless.