Taylor swift Says She ‘Never Thought She Would Find a Perfect Gentle Man Like Travis Kelce Who Truly Cherish Her, Again,’ Calls NFL A ‘Blessing

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Travis Kelce’s heart grows three sizes every time Taylor Swift bonds with the people he loves. “Everybody knows how close Travis is with his family,” a source exclusively tells Us Weekly.


Seeing Taylor Swift Bond With His Family ‘Means Everything’ to Travis Kelce

“So it really means everything to him how seamlessly Taylor blends in with all of them.” Despite her fame, the pop star, 34, “really is super down to earth and gets along with everybody,” the insider explains, noting that Kelce, 34, “appreciates how humble” Swift is because that’s “exactly” how his family is, too.

“His family is all about just hanging out, joking, and having a great time,” the source says – and Swift fits into their dynamic easily. “It’s almost like she’s known his family forever, and he loves that about her.”While Swift has been sitting alongside Travis’ mom, Donna Kelce, and dad, Ed Kelce, since she first started attending the NFL star’s games in September 2023, the Chiefs’ Sunday, January 21, playoff victory against the Buffalo Bills marked the first time she was joined by the entire Kelce clan including Travis’ brother, Jason Kelce, and his wife, Kylie Kelce.

Despite being on the field for the major bonding moments between Swift and his brood, Travis loved being able to look up in the stands and see them enjoying each other’s company, the insider tells Us. “Family is one of the most important things to him, so seeing Jason and his parents joke around with Taylor, he can just feel this sense of how well she meshes with all of them.


New photo emerges of Taylor Swift celebrating arm-in-arm with Kylie Kelce in Chiefs' VIP box at the Bills game... after boyfriend Travis scored two touchdowns in incredible win

It’s an amazing feeling.” Throughout the game, the group could be spotted celebrating as Travis and Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes led their team to the win, defeating the Bills 27-24 and earning their spot in the AFC Championship Game against the Baltimore Ravens. After Travis’ first touchdown in the first quarter, Swift and a shirtless Jason, 36, were seen high-fiving in celebration. Later in the game, Jason spotted a young Bills fan holding a Swift-inspired sign and popped down into the crowd to make sure the singer got a glimpse for herself.

“We’re gonna show this to Taylor,” Jason sweetly said in footage shared via social media, lifting the young girl into his arms and walking over to the suite window. In the background of the clip, another fan could be heard shouting, “You’re the best, Kelce!” When Travis was given a heads-up of his brother’s antics during a post-game interview, he joked that he wasn’t “surprised” to learn that Jason spent the game half-clothed. “I love that guy,” he told Westwood One Sports, laughing.

“And every time we’re not on the field together, we’re always rooting for each other.” Fans have been waiting for Swift to cross paths with Jason and Kylie, 31, since she and Travis began dating in summer 2023. While Sunday’s game marked their first public appearance together, Jason has been a cheerleader of Travis and Swift from the beginning, telling SportsRadio 94 WIP in September 2023 that it’s been “fun” watching the whole world take in their romance.