Taylor swift speaks on attending Chiefs vs Dophins match tomorrow and she also said something about the effect of the weather Condition on her body

Travis kelce breaks silence on the issue of dispute between Taylor swift


The Chiefs are poised to host the Miami Dolphins this Saturday, Jan. 13, for their first playoff game ahead of the Super Bowl, and there are two questions on everyone’s mind:


Will Taylor Swift Cheer on Travis Kelce at the Chiefs-Dolphins Playoff Game?

will Taylor Swift be present, and how will the teams fair in what is projected to be the coldest playoff game in Chiefs history-if not the lowest temperature for any game in franchise history, according to the Kansas City Star-? The game starts at 8 p.m. EST, with wind chill currently projected to reach –14 degrees with 17-mile-per-hour winds, and while the South Florida-based team is gearing up for the significant drop in temperatures, we already know that of all the things that could keep Swift away, poor weather isn’t one of them. While we can never know for certain whether or not Swift will be in attendance until she shows up-or doesn’t-there’s a pretty good chance that she’ll be present this weekend.


Will Taylor Swift Cheer on Travis Kelce at the Chiefs-Dolphins Playoff Game?

With no awards shows, film premieres, or concerts publicly on her docket, thanks to her temporary break before the Eras Tour kicks off the next international leg in Tokyo on Feb. 7. While she was in New York City as recently as Wednesday night, spotted attending a private party in Brooklyn with Blake Lively, there’s still plenty of time to arrive in Kansas City by Saturday evening.

It may also be one of her final chances to see beau Travis Kelce play this season. Should they make it to the Super Bowl for the second consecutive year, scheduled for Feb. 11, it’s possible that she would be in attendance, but her Tokyo concert on February 10 may get in the way. Thanks to the time difference, it’s not out of the realm of possibilities for her to make it back in time for kickoff, but the 13+ hour flight-plus her tendency to remain in bed all day after a weekend of concerts-certainly make it an exhausting venture. As for any other playoff games the Chiefs make it to, Swift will likely head back into rehearsals at some point, potentially limiting her availability in the next few weeks.