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TOPLINE The Japanese Embassy in D.C. reassured weary fans Friday that Taylor Swift’s concert in Tokyo next week shouldn’t stop her from attending the Super Bowl,


Taylor Swift Can ‘Comfortably’ Make It To Super Bowl After Tokyo Concert, Japanese Embassy Reassures Fans

as speculation rises about whether the billionaire pop star can safely jet from Japan to Las Vegas in time to support the Kansas City Chiefs—and her boyfriend, tight end Travis Kelce. The Embassy of Japan—in a jokey statement filled with puns referencing Swift’s albums—said it can “confidently Speak Now” that Swift should be able to “comfortably arrive in Las Vegas before the Super Bowl begins” on Feb. 11 if she departs from Tokyo shortly after her appearance on the evening of Feb. 10.

Those concerned about Swift’s arrival in Las Vegas “can be Fearless” knowing she can “wow Japanese audiences” before she returns to the U.S. to support the Chiefs while “wearing Red,” the embassy said.


Japanese Embassy says Taylor Swift can 'comfortably' make it to Travis Kelce's Super Bowl

FlightAware spokesperson Kathleen Bangs told NBC News Swift making it to the Super Bowl is “certainly doable,” adding she could probably make it to Las Vegas within 10 hours because Tokyo’s time zone is 17 hours ahead of Las Vegas—giving her more than a full day to jet from Tokyo to Sin City. Swift regularly uses the Falcon 900LX and Falcon 7X private jets, which would be able to cover the 5,530 miles between Tokyo and Las Vegas without stopping to refuel.

Though Swift may be able to arrive in time for the Super Bowl, it’s possible there won’t be enough space for her private aircraft to park, a Federal Aviation Administration spokesperson told the Associated Press, as all 475 parking spots at the four airports surrounding Las Vegas are likely full for the game.