Travis Kelce En Route to Pick Up Taylor Swift, Fans Capture His Excitement: ‘Missed Her So Much, Can’t Wait!

Taylor Swift Gears up for Paris, as Travis Kelce Heads to Kentucky Derby


Travis Kelce was reportedly confused as to why “One Tree Hill” actress Jana Kramer expressed her concerns about the Kansas City Chiefs star allegedly drinking too much.


Chiefs' Travis Kelce reportedly stunned over Jana Kramer's 'always drunk' remarks 'I am an adult'

“To me, he’s always drunk,” Kramer said on her “Whine Down” podcast. “Every time I’ve ever seen a video he’s just always drunk.” Kramer was worried that it led to Taylor Swift “drinking more now” and added that she had a problem with Kelce’s outburst toward Chiefs head coach Andy Reid during the Super Bowl.

But sources told Page Six on Wednesday that Kelce doesn’t have a drinking issue. “The guy is under a microscope, basically being watched everywhere he goes,” the source told the outlet. “Of course you’re going to see him drinking. He’s being watched everywhere he goes.”

The source added that if Kelce was “passed out somewhere,” then it would raise bigger alarms. But he’s just a “normal human being” doing what everyone else does — except he’s in the public eye. Another source told TMZ that Kelce has never even met Kramer and “she only invoked his name to clout-chase — and on its face, you could argue it worked.”

Taylor Swift Gears up for Paris, as Travis Kelce Heads to Kentucky Derby

For what it’s worth, Kelce has been almost everywhere since the Chiefs won the Super Bowl for the second straight year, becoming only the second team since the New England Patriots in 2003 and 2004 to accomplish the feat.

Kelce is also dating the most popular musical artist in the world, and partying with A-list celebrities comes with the territory. This year’s NFL season is just around the corner and the tight end is expected to lock in for training camp.