Travis Kelce Reveals Exactly When His and Taylor Swift’s ‘Crazy Ride’ of a Romance First Began

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As everyone continues talking about Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce’s buzzworthy romance ahead of the Super Bowl, NFL Hall of Famer Kurt Warner shared his perspective on whether or not their relationship is a good thing for the franchise.


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“Our sport has become as much about spectacle as anything that’s out there-and so I love it,” declared Warner as he spoke with Peoplein a recent interview. Taking it a step further, he admitted to personally liking Kelce while sharing a positive outlook on the tight end’s current relationship, saying, “I love it more for those two because I know Travis and I’m a big fan, and that it seems to be working well.”

“It brings another layer of excitement to the games and to what’s going on, and to a fan base that maybe hadn’t watched that much football before, and now we’re watching it and maybe they tuned in for something besides football,” the former quarterback continued, appreciating how Swift has brought many new faces to the world of football. Warner continued to highlight the positive effects of the big attention on the NFL thanks to Swift and Kelce’s romance: “I believe things like this with Taylor Swift and Travis – and not to just make it something, ‘Oh, it’s helping our league,’ or ‘It’s building a fan base’ – but I do believe that it’s brought more to our game.”


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Along with Warner, many big-name football stars and influential figures in other industries have shared their thoughts on the high-profile relationship, including fellow retired NFL players like J.J. Watt and Shannon Sharpe, as well as rapper Plies and ESPN sports anchor Elle Duncan, among others. Meanwhile, the couple in question doesn’t appear to let any of the public’s response, whether good or bad, bother them, with Kelce stating in a recent interview, “We’re two people in a relationship supporting each other and having fun with it. It’s nothing more than that.” Next up for the couple, Swift will be attending the Grammys on Feb. 4, while Kelce is working hard preparing with his team for the big Super Bowl game on Feb. 11.