Travis Kelce Reveals how he feels about Critics: “I have feelings too and those harsh words gets to me”

Travis Kelce Reveals how he feels about Critics:


There’s a certain level of intensity that comes with postseason football, and with the Buffalo Bills hosting the Kansas City Chiefs in the latest edition of an intense playoff rivalry on Sunday, one of the league’s most-passionate fanbases would surely bring everything it had.


Travis Kelce Calls Out ‘Disrespectful’ Bills Mafia: ‘A Lot Of Hate’

Some loved that intensity, with Kansas City coach Andy Reid praising the electric atmosphere at Highmark Stadium. However, some, such as Chiefs tight end Travis Kelce, didn’t react as positively to the heckling from Bills Mafia. On the latest episode of Kelce’s New Heights podcast, which he hosts with his brother and Philadelphia Eagles center Jason Kelce, the star tight end revealed that some personal insults by Bills fans didn’t sit well with him. Additionally, he said that his heart hand celebration, inspired by his girlfriend Taylor Swift, was meant as a retort to some of the comments he received.

“Had to spread the love, baby, always gotta spread that love,” Travis Kelce said. “There was a lot of hate pulling up to that stadium, man, understandable it’s a football game, the Bills, coming into their house, they want to make it rowdy. Did it get a little disrespectful? One thousand percent. Did it get a little extra? One thousand percent.” “Some things were said about the families, some pretty inappropriate things were said about Pat Mahomes, it was pretty whack. I get it, coming into a hostile environment, I respect it, but I just wanted to make sure [they] knew it wasn’t mutual.


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I don’t hate you guys like you hate us, it’s all love, baby.” On the other hand, Jason Kelce had the time of his life as he stole the show with his shirtless celebrations throughout the game, most notably after Travis Kelce’s two touchdown receptions. “I mean, honestly, one of the most fun experiences I’ve ever had from start to finish,” Jason Kelce said. Related: Mahomes Dodges Bills Mafia Snowballs, Responds With Bold Message As the Chiefs have been the class of the NFL for years now, having just reached their sixth straight AFC Championship Game, they’ve drawn the ire of many NFL fans. The Bills have been burned by the Chiefs more than any other team in that time, with three playoff losses in four years. So while it may be natural to bring some intensity, it’s important to not cross too far over the line.