Travis Kelce Says He Felt His Mustache ‘Hardening Up’ During Chiefs Frozen Tundra Game

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Travis Kelce was “cold as f—” during Saturday’s game between the Kansas City Chiefs and the Miami Dolphins, which turned out to be the fourth-coldest in NFL history.


Travis Kelce Says He Felt His Mustache 'Hardening Up' During Chiefs Frozen Tundra Game

The tight end, 34, opened up about the Chiefs wildcard win during a new episode of his podcast, New Heights with Jason and Travis Kelce, admitting that “it was shocking how cold it was.” “You’re by the heaters, you’re in the locker room and then when you go out on the field it’s like — the temperature drops right now. And you feel it in your hands, you feel it in your toes, your face. Everyone saw Coach Reid’s ‘stache, like, I could feel my mustache hardening up,” he shared.

Travis said that the freezing temperatures had him “running over to heaters to warm up my hands and feet to try and get feeling back,” which was “probably the first game” he’s ever had to do that. “It was that freaking cold,” he added. Jason, 36, said the playoff win for the Chiefs “was a fun game to watch.”

“It is fun to watch when the elements are that absurd,” the Philadelphia Eagles center said of the matchup at Arrowhead Stadium, where it dropped to -27° with the windchill, making it the coldest game ever played in the Kansas City arena. Travis also shared a horror story from one of his teammates, whose preparations for the freezing temperatures “backfired.”


Travis Kelce Says He Felt His Mustache 'Hardening Up' During Chiefs Frozen Tundra Game

Though he kept the player’s identity a secret, he said that one guy wore two pairs of socks with two foot warmers inside his shoe and “ended up getting two golf sized blisters on the top of his feet.” “It was nuts, man,” Travis told his brother. Despite it being “cold as f—,” Travis had seven receptions for 71 yards during Saturday’s game.

The win over the Dolphins means the Chiefs will move on to the divisional round of the playoffs next weekend. If they can beat Josh Allen and the Buffalo Bills, Travis and his Kansas City teammates will aim to win the AFC Championship the following week and earn a spot in the Super Bowl. Travis’ girlfriend, superstar Taylor Swift, also braved the cold to support her beau at Arrowhead Stadium.

While interacting with fans from her box seat window, Swift, 34, noticed how cold some people in the crowd were amid the below-zero degree temperatures. She even helped out some fellow Chiefs fans facing the frozen tundra.

“The scarf smelled like home,” Beth Vancil told PEOPLE on Monday after the 12-time Grammy winner handed her the winter accessory to keep warm.
“We came, we saw, we conquered, we swag surfed with Donna [Kelce], Taylor and Brittany [Mahomes] and Taylor gave me her scarf (it was not red and she doesn’t want it back),” Vancil noted in the caption of an Instagram selfie with Swift, Mahomes and her friend Betsy Nacrelli.