“When Travis came to us, he was a little bit of a party guy. Andy showed a lot of patience and tolerance. Travis wanted attention” Andy Reid reveals how he met Travis kelce

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Travis Kelce is a once-in-a-generation talent. The Kansas City Chiefs tight end’s unmatched skill set and unique personality make him successful on and off the field and a player that the younger generations can look up to.


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However, none of that would have been possible without Andy Reid’s hand guiding him. In a recent interview with ESPN’s Adam Teicher, Reid recalled how he met Kelce first, back when the tight end was still in the University of Cincinnati ranks. Being a very serious person, Reid felt a bit stunned when Travis approached him and started addressing him like a long-lost friend instead of a recent acquaintance.

However, the head coach soon understood that “He was being Travis, being cocky. Jiminy, he was cocky.” That was the beginning of one of the most fruitful relationships in the history of the Chiefs and perhaps the NFL. “For Travis, Coach Reid has almost been like that uncle you have that you listen to and get advice from. He makes Travis a great football player, but I think even a better person,” said quarterback Patrick Mahomes, with whom Kelce has formed one of the best duos in the NFL.


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The relationship had a rough start
However, building such a relationship took time on both sides. Jason Kelce, Philadelphia Eagles lineman and Travis’ older brother, recalled that a few days before the 2013 Draft, Andy Reid called him to talk about the possibility of selecting the recent graduate.

“I felt like he was asking me at the moment, ‘You realize I’m taking this shot on him. I want to make sure this works out,'”Jason recalls. He explained that at the time, he felt that Reid, who had coached him in Philadelphia, was holding him responsible for anything his brother might do. In the end, Reid selected Travis third overall in that draft and, from then on, began the process of polishing that diamond in the rough. Lack of talent was never a problem, Reid’s biggest concern at the time was Kelce’s partying personality.


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“When Travis came to us, he was a little bit of a party guy. Andy showed a lot of patience and tolerance. Travis wanted attention. He wanted a lot of things. He did things differently than everyone else,” recalled Brett Veach, the Chiefs general manager. “Coming here, having to do things a certain way and really organizing and prioritizing his life was a challenge,” Veach explained about Kelce’s early years under Reid’s tutelage.

Reid challenged Kelce every day
The Chiefs’ HC is a man of few words, so beyond the explosive discussions or scoldings that other coaches are used to with their players, he decided to mold Kelce using the player’s passion for football. “He coached me hard. He didn’t let me come in and be this happy-go-lucky guy. He challenged me every single day,” Kelce recalled from his first season with the Chiefs. One of his first training camps was a real challenge for the tight end because Reid decided to push him to his limits: “He called almost every single play for me.”