Patrick Mahomes again accused of receiving favoritism from NFL

Five things that stood out about the Chiefs’ win (without Mahomes) over the Chargers


The selection of Patrick Mahomes for the NFL Pro Bowl roster has caused a stir amongst fans and analysts after one of the top quarterbacks this season was snubbed.


Patrick Mahomes again accused of receiving favoritism from NFL

Mahomes guided the Kansas City Chiefs to Super Bowl 57 in 2022, but this season has been a disappointing one for the 28-year-old by his usual high standards. The Chiefs are 10-6 after a dip in form approaching the playoffs, with Mahomes’ form nosediving. Meanwhile, other quarterbacks such as Buffalo Bills quarterback Josh Allen have been earning praise across the board.

Despite that, Allen was left out of the Pro Bowl roster in favour of Mahomes and Miami Dolphins’Tua Tagovailoa. And Fox Sports radio host Colin Cowherd claimed he “can’t take the Pro Bowl seriously” after he was snubbed in favour of Mahomes. “NFL does so many things right, [but] the Pro Bowl is not one of them,” he said. “Josh Allen leads the NFL with 42 touchdowns… didn’t make the Pro Bowl. If the Bills win against Miami this weekend. I think they will, they’ll be the number two seed.”

He later added: “Mahomes, having the worst year of his career, he made it too. Mahomes and Josh Allen have the same number of passing touchdowns, 27. Allen has 15 rushing touchdowns, Mahomes has zero. Josh Allen beat Mahomes head to head, has 15 more total touchdowns. The turnovers [are] fairly, the teams are both 10 and six.


Patrick Mahomes again accused of receiving favoritism from NFL

“Mahomes made it, Allen didn’t, and I love Mahomes but the Bills offense scores 27 points per game. The Chiefs offense with the smartest offensive coach perhaps in our life, Andy Reid, scores 22. Again, I don’t know… maybe the 15 extra rushing touchdowns impacted that.” Why was Josh Allen not selected?
Allen leads the NFL touchdown charts with 42 overall and the AFC by 13. He is tied with Jalen Hurts for the most rushing touchdowns in a single season with 15, in addition to 3,947 passing yards this season.

There are some reasons to explain why Allen was not named on the Pro Bowl roster. Despite excelling in racking up a huge number of touchdowns, he also has proved to be a risky passer of the ball with 16 interceptions – an average of one per game. He has also fumbled the ball six times this year – a career high – and has lost three of them. He’s accounting for 19 total turnovers in 16 games so far, which may suggest he is less reliable than Mahomes.