Travis Kelce Reveals’ why he would be leaving NFL very soon

Travis Kelce reveals his surprising post-retirement plans:


Travis Kelce had a memorable 2023 for a variety of reasons. Whether it be winning his second Super Bowl, growing his New Heights podcast with brother Jason, or hosting Saturday Night Live, the Kansas City Chiefs star had several memorable moments.


Travis Kelce Reveals' why he would be leaving NFL very soon

Not to mention news that he started dating one of the biggest celebrities in the world, pop star Taylor Swift. With Kelce and Swift’s romance doing well, it seems the tight end may have now sent his sights on a new goal. As per the New York Times’ Zach Schonbrun, Kelce’s managers, Aaron and Andre Eanes, began connecting with agencies with strong ties to Hollywood when the Chiefs star hosted SNL.

Their goal, reportedly, is to get Kelce in a movie. Given Kelce is now dating Swift, something the duo state wasn’t planned, the belief is that it won’t be hard to sell producers on his stardom. It also helps that Kelce has done well in front of the camera, impressing during his appearance on SNL, as well as several commercials. He also had his own reality dating show, Catching Kelce, back in 2016.


Travis Kelce Reveals' why he would be leaving NFL very soon

As a result Creative Artist Agency’s sports media co-head Richard Lovette believes that interest in Kelce has now hit a mainstream level. Pair that with his natural affinity for the camera, and a role in a mainstream Hollywood film may not be far fetched. How Kelce landed with the Eanes brothers. Kelce’s agents have worked with the Chiefs star for quite some time.

Travis met Andre through his college roommate, D.J. Woods.D.J. and Andre are childhood friends, and it doesn’t hurt that Kelce got VIP passes from Eanes thanks to the event management business he ran while at college. As for Aaron, he studied sports management and entrepreneurship at Bowling Green State University when he signed Kelce. He then pitched the idea of becoming his manager, and they haven’t looked back since.